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Customer Comments

"We struggled with terrible odors from our reclaim water for nearly a year. After just a few days the odor was completely eliminated. I drop one Bio-Tab into the tank each week and I can completely forget about it. It was the most effective and the easiest solution to our reclaim problems."
Kelly Geiger
Wash N' Go Depot

"The best investment we have made regarding the upkeep of our car wash. Before we installed the Laguna water treatment system we had to power wash our brushes and equipment every few months, since using the EBT® Eliminate-It product and related system we haven't power washed for over a year and the equipment and brushes are super clean, it's a no brainer purchase."
Scott Hoskin
Fife Texaco

"Like most all operators, we have had an on going problem with odor as well as algae buildup on our cloth. It took about one and a half weeks to eliminate the odor and our cloth is also getting cleaner and brighter. We had the same problem in our Jonesboro, AL car wash but after using the EBT® Eliminate-It product we couldn't be more pleased with the results."
Dave Palmenter
Elephant Car Wash Tacoma, WA

"I walk into the wash each morning and the smell and odor are gone, all within a week."
James Smith
Sandy Car Care Center

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