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Odor Control


Ever since mankind began containing water in tanks, sumps, etc., odor has been a problem. The majority of all odor sources are related to bacteria growth and death. Most indigenous (naturally occurring) bacteria create by-products with odors that can include sulfur compounds (rotten egg smell), mercaptans (skunk like smell), and several other odors.

Several ingredients have been established to kill bacteria in an attempt to control odors and sterilize water. These methods can include chlorination, ozonation and ultraviolet exposure.

When methods such as ozonation are used to control bacteria, the by-product is an odor which is the equivalent of rotting flesh! Ozone will kill the bacteria but will now leave a residue which produces foul smelling odors.

The safe and all-natural alternative is the introduction of EBT® Eliminate-IT to control odors and eliminate harmful petroleum hydrocarbons. Such a treatment does not merely "mask" the odors, but actually
eliminates the odors at their source.

Our product, EBT® Eliminate-IT, is a powerful blend of all-natural bacteria and enzymes. All the bacteria strains in EBT® Eliminate-IT have the by-products of carbon dioxide and water. When introduced into the wash water reclaim area, the EBT® Eliminate-IT formulation actually
consumes odor producing bacteria and changes them into safe carbon dioxide and water!

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